What next?

Well things have progressed and the engine is installed apart from some electrical works, for which we have had to employ an electrician to undertake and are now at the mercy of his schedule. I have reached Chapter 4 of my novel and am enjoying drawing on past experiences and people to ‘furnish’ it!!

In other areas circumstances have overtaken us and due to some unforeseen events we have had to rethink and reschedule our plans (nothing new there!). We should be getting quite good at this now!

We will remain at Redhill now until late September – Heavy Metal will then be loaded onto a lorry and transported down to Norfolk where she will be lifted off the lorry and back in the water. We have secured a mooring on the River Waveney in Norfolk, a few miles from Great Yarmouth. We are planning to stay there for at least 6 months and from there we will be able to access the Broads and even have a jaunt out into the North Sea should weather conditions and confidence allow during the winter months. Finding a suitable mooring in itself posed problems as we appear to be ‘too big’ for most of the Broads marinas. The Waveney is a tidal river so I’m sure there will be ups and downs (at least twice a day!) as it is not something we are used to.

Our foray across the Channel and into Europe is on hold; it may still happen but we have had need to leave our options open at the minute. If it does – then great – we will embrace it, if it doesn’t, then we will think again, regroup, change direction, whatever…………..

Life is strange and continues to challenge us at what feels like almost every turn at the moment; but we will be okay and although we may not have the adventure we had originally planned – we will have an adventure – be together, be stronger.

I will continue to blog over the next weeks and months, and will also put up photos of our journeys, surroundings and the wildlife, and I will try and make it interesting and fun (we do laugh a lot despite everything life throws at us) – if you want to come along and see what the future holds…. you are most welcome.