A boat but not afloat…

obstacle number 1

Where we are currently moored is prone to flooding and during the last really bad floods in February 2020 it turned out to be the worst we had experienced…..and locally for several years

During this most recent flood a narrow boat along the bank from us slipped its mooring and was swept on the current to the bridge downstream, where it became stuck, broad side on. Luckily no one was injured and the fire brigade attended and managed to get the owner to safety via a ladder upon to the bridge parapet. The boat then nestled itself onto a barrier on the side of the bridge and sat ther nose up.

Unfortunately we continued to have more rain, re flooding and the barrier collapsed under the strain and deposited the boat back into the river, the current jamming the boat against the bridge broad side on completely blocking any access to the bridge arches.

There it still sat some 5 weeks later.. we were told several times that it would be moved ‘this week’. So we watched and waited. Martin getting quite impatient as plans for ‘the off’ were progressing and we knew we would be unable to move from our mooring to start our journey northwards due to the bridge inaccessibility.

at last…

Luckily it has been moved – it all started one Monday afternoon, sending divers down, attaching chains and air bags – we stood and watched for two hours as the ‘salvage crew’ tugged and pulled – and little happened – I just thought ‘how many men does it take a move a narrow boat!’ The blue overalled ‘boss’ shook his head, gave ordered and changed tactics several times – in the end we got fed up, cold and went home for our tea. The next morning we went out for a walk and saw that they had indeed successfully moved the boat, it was afloat and moored up – looking none too worse for wear – at least on the outside – so that was a good result. We were sorry we had missed the main event, but pleased too, to know our passage was now clear.