About us

This blog is about the journey/adventure to be embarked upon in 2020 by my husband Martin and myself (Sue) on our Dutch Barge ‘Heavy Metal’.

The boat is a Branson Construction Dutch Barge (Catherine model) built in 2003, purchased and, subsequently, lived on, by Martin, since 2006. She is a Category C model, which means that she is seaworthy.

She is 55 feet long, 12 feet wide (beam) and weighs about 25 tonnes. She is our home – and a very warm, comfortable and relaxing place to be.

The dawn of the plan goes back many years – before Martin and I were together, and it had been a long held dream of Martins to take the boat into Europe.

We met in 2013 and after a bit of a shaky start decided we had both met our soul mate, although up until then we had each led very different lives. Martin introduced me to Harley Davidson, Rock Music and the undeniable Yorkshire ‘spade is a spade’ outlook on life. I think I have introduced Martin to the National Trust, Doc Martin and how useful it can often be to actually read instructions!

We have been together on the boat for almost 7 years, and married for just over 2 years. Martin retired last summer and I finished work in January this year.

This was when our real adventure began.

What follows allows us to share this.

This ‘blog’ is for all the family, and friends, we have and will become part of the journal I will keep as a record, for us, of the journey which lies ahead.

We would love you to join us….