Corona what?

So we almost sat back and heaved as sigh of relief, almost ready to go – we had a planned prospective departure date on the calendar.

Then another obstacle raised its head in late March – Corona virus. The virus had seemed quire remote to us, hearing of its presence in China and then into mainland Europe earlier in the year.

We were going into lockdown – the Government set out its guidelines and the Canal and River Trust advised that boaters should not move around the waterways on unnecessary journeys and proceeded to withdraw staff from manned locks etc. asking that only in extreme emergencies should these facilities be accessed.

Social distancing was to become a new way of living and only essential travel should be undertaken. The Government advised that if we all played our part we would help to prevent a serious countrywide pandemic and help to protect the NHS from being overwhelmed by what was potentially a pandemic.

So even if we could travel with adequate food and fuel, no outside contact or stops we were unable to do so. Hull Marina advised that they were also closed and not allowing any craft in or out of the marina – so our fate was sealed for the now.

This meant we were staying put for the foreseeable future. I can’t deny I felt some relief at this respite; so we started to plan our ‘lockdown’ time.


Martin had been trying to get all of his tools etc. out of the shed on our mooring and onto the boat in the days before we had to acknowledge a further delay. ‘quarts into pint pots’ I thought probably described that operation. Martin is a very tidy and methodical person so he did know what he had got and where he was intending to store it.

I had looked in the shed one day and seen 5 very large tins of paint ‘Not sure where these will fit’ I was told. I did, at this point, ask the question as to why we (the Royal ‘we’) had not left ordering the paint until we got to the marina in Hull – just for once no rational explanation or quick witted quip was forthcoming! Silence – a tumble weed moment! Doesn’t happen very often – so excuse me while I milk it.

We decided to take up running again we had both completed the couch to 5K course in 2019, but had lapsed during the winter time. So we decided that at 6am three times a week we would restart our regime. I like to go out early – mainly because no one can see me struggling and also as makes social distancing easier. Martin is, of course, faster that me, so I get a 5 minute head start, he will usually pass me about half way around our chosen route and then be waiting for me at the end as I collapse in a heap!!

Jobs Martin had been keeping for Hull, as time was tight, have now been tackled. Martin has decorated the interior of the boat all through.

I am also keeping busy – only so may times you can dust and hoover and we don’t make that much mess anyway, extra baking only puts on the pounds; so I have taken to writing this blog – ‘hurray’ I hear you all cheer!! I have also started my novel (think I will need to put the usual – any likeness to any known person is purely coincidental – reference; as I think one or two people I have made acquaintance with in the past may think they feature. Water colour painting is something I have enjoyed in the past, so having another go – was pretty rubbish before and nothing leads me to think this time will be any different, but I intend to persevere, so may improve. Ooh look there’s a pig flying over!!

We have also been playing chess. martin bought me a chess set a couple of Christmas’ ago and I have always wanted to learn. When I say play – it tends to consist of Martin playing, me asking a lot of questions about which piece can move where, Martin explaining (again) and then him winning – but I am sure my day will come.

We walk on the days we don’t run and have discovered lots of parts of the village we have lived in for 5 years tat we didn’t know existed.

We are waiting now for Sunday evening as Boris is going to talk to the nation about a possible relaxation of the lockdown.

Watch this space….

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