Not that Sandbanks!!!

We were doing so well – got through 4 locks with no mishaps – although we were trying to practice social distancing and so we politely refused offers of help and were met with ‘Well we didn’t want to hold hands with you’ from one man. All was good.

We stopped for lunch and had our sights set on our overnight mooring.

Passing under the A453 and in the shadow of Ratcliffe power station we saw a narrow boat moored just our side of the Ratcliffe Lock, a lady stood on the bow of the boat and was waving (not unusual, as boaters are in the main a friendly bunch), we realised that she was shouting ‘sandbank’ at about the same time we realised what she was saying there was an almighty grinding sound as we hit the sand bank and came to an abrupt stop!

We spoke to Canal and River Trust to let them know we were stuck and virtually blocking the waterway. Another boater advised that the same thing had happened to someone the previous weekend and kindly gave us the details of the local marina who had helped that boat out.

going nowhere
(in)famous!! on the Canal & River Trust website

We were eventually pulled clear by Rod and Darryl (with his tractor) from Redhill Marina and set on our way again.

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