Turn right at Ramsgate?

Who would have thought that I would end up here – on the bottom rung of a ladder up to the biggest adventure I could have imagined.

Heavy Metal

Panic had previously set in on a couple of occasions as I voiced by fears and had more than one wobble about what the future may hold.

I sit here on a Dutch Barge in Leicestershire planning an adventure with Martin, my second husband, that will take us across the Channel and into Europe to who knows exactly where or when – it doesn’t really matter too much as we won’t have anywhere we have to be at any particular time, or even be in too much of a hurry – which is a definite down shift from us both having worked full time for over 40 years.

Retirement is a funny thing – It is strange to suddenly be able to do what you like when you like after the restrictions and responsibilities of a full time job, a home, a family and financial responsibilities have had such an influence and pull on your time and attention over the years.

Much has changed in my life over the past few years and with reflection of what might have been and what maybe I now see as years not made the best of. I know that this is where my future lies

As they say hindsight is a wonderful thing and I am sure we can all confess to ‘I wish I had’ or ‘What if’ moments.

Into Europe

The Dream

Martin had always had the dream of buying a boat and taking it into Europe. When we first met, almost seven years ago, this seemed such a distant prospect, that I didn’t cerebrate on it to any great extent – it was ages away. We would talk about what we wanted to do and where we would go, but a lot can happen in seven years.

I just enjoyed being with Martin, living on the boat, falling in love, getting married and generally having a feeling of true contentment, happiness and peace.

But as Martin’s partner and then his wife I needed to buy into his dream and I did…

I have…….