We progress…slowly

Another week here at Redhill draws to a close and we see Heavy Metal taken out of the paint shed with her new ‘paint job’.

Looking good…..

We had enjoyed our change of scenery but were now ready to get back on board our home. As you can see our new resting place was some 12 foot above the ground! Accessed only by a ladder or some rickety steps with a crate and a wooden sleeper on top to allow those of us who are vertically challenged to be able to access their home. Not ideal and initially it felt a bit like being marooned.

We were however left sloping slightly forwards and this meant that the shower tray was likely to overflow if we weren’t very careful and things kept rolling away when dropped. This new ‘mooring’ gave us yet another view of Redhill life, although no longer near the water there was plenty of activity and comings and goings from the boat building and painting sheds – to feed our thirst for a story. We were also in sight of the flight path to East Midlands Airport and as lock-down is relaxed this is getting busier. We watched a plane the other evening which we think must have been a training flight as it looked as if it was coming in to land several times and then pulled up and didn’t.

Engine update

Martin had disconnected the current engine and this was then quickly and efficiently craned out the boat, leaving a large empty space for the new one to be installed once Martin has completed all the preparation works.

Passing the time…

I have spent some time this week on my sewing machine making, among other things, facemasks for us to wear on our forays on the train. We do spend much of our time just us 2 and luckily this isn’t a problem for us – although we both came from different lives and with differing experiences and tastes – we have melded – Martin has introduced me to rock music, Harley Davidson and the undeniably Yorkshire ‘a spade is a spade’ outlook on life; I think I have introduced him to the National Trust, Doc Martin and the idea that it can be quite useful to sometimes actually read instructions!

We do however both love nature and we were lucky enough this week to have the company of a female kestral, very close by.

We now await the new engine installation and then we will be able to reassess our plans.

At last… bye bye Piano Boat

We woke this morning to much activity in the yard, to find 2 camera crews and various Tristar Boats and Redhill staff looking very busy. It wasn’t long before the boat transporter lorry arrived and loaded the Piano Boat – this was filmed from all angles including by drone. We waved her off, wishing her well in her new starring role on the Thames.

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